Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Sunsilk Co-creations is setting new wedding hair trends

With the wedding season and never ending functions, every girl needs a different hairstyle. Stylists put together interesting looks on models in various TVC’s and campaigns. That’s where we pick up our trends from as well. This season, stylists are focusing on side braids, side partitions, and bouncy hairdos, which is quite evident from the new TVC of Sunsilk.

It is noticed that with long heavy dresses girls usually prefer tied hair, braids, or buns so the beauty of their clothes come out. Braids usually go with mehndi mayun themes since they set the parandey, teekay, matha pattis and other traditional bits in place. But not many people are comfortable creating hair styles out of baraat and valima looks. They prefer that hair be left untied.

Recently I’ve seen quite a few ladies leveling up their braid game at various wedding based festivities. A couple of really close friends recently got married and what was spotted was how women are taking to these styles. Now most of you know this already that I have dead straight hair and my ears pop out when I tie them :p, thus I can’t experiment much with my hair looks. But perhaps with more volumizing conditioners and serums, and hair products like bumpits I can totally pull off the side braid. I plan to try out a wavy braided look soon. Wait for it, but tell me which hairdos are hottest at the moment. Perhaps share pictures so I try to recreate them.

In the meanwhile, perfect those dance moves for the next wedding in line and enjoy this new Sunsilk TVC. Adios, amigos! :)