Friday, 4 January 2013

Bored? Make your time Text-citing! :D

When they say necessity is the mother of invention, they say it right. Vacations and uncalled for holidays suck the hell out of us and when peaks of boredom are reached that is when creative geniuses like me (okay maybe that’s an exaggeration :p) devise certain text games and tricks that entertain us momentarily. Try these if your phone is the only resource you have and KESC management is being unbearably retarded as usual! :p

1.       The name game: Try naming everything you and your text friend have with a human name. I named my tooth brush Gerry after the actor from the movie’ P.S. I love You’ and my male friend named his Holly. It was fun (for us at least). You can try this with your phones, spectacles, soap even parts of the body, if you are somewhat naughty that is :p This will crack you up even when you use any of these things the next time.

2.       Randomness: Send out random texts pretending as if you’re replying to someone and send it to someone who is least expecting it. And see what responses you get. I sent this text along with my peeps to a male friend who wore pink striped shirt a day before “the moron thought he looked like a hero. Whattay gay!’ and he knew how nasty we were and could get. Try sending ‘I love you too’ to your boyfriend/girlfriend, if they’re too clingy or insecure and scare the hell out of them. Be mean for a change if you already aren’t.

3.       Union of words: Send half broken words, prefixes or suffixes to your friends and ask them to complete the words. You can do the same with phrases or create sequences out of a word.

4.       The first word: Ask your text mate to reply instantly with the first word that comes into his/her mind when they see or listen to the word that you give them. Accelerated pace is the secret of success in this one.

5.       The ‘kiss one, fuck one and marry one’: Pick up 3 mutual friends belonging to the opposite sex (or the same gender if you wish :p) and ask your friend to place one against each of these. Add more categories like kill one, flirt with one or bitch slap one and add friends accordingly.

6.       The what if?: Give your friend hypothetical or real life situations and ask them what they could have done or would do in those. Being creative will do the trick! J

7.       Questions and questions: Ask your friend a simple question and keep forming and asking questions building up to the responses that come from them. It is extremely annoying for them but quite fun for you if you know how to play. :D

Kill boredom before it kills you! Enjoy :D