Thursday, 10 November 2016

Australian Food Festival - boding together love for food and peace

Food brings people together. Such has been an initiative of Avari Towers Karachi. With their chain of restaurants and 5 star services, Avari never fails to impress. Recently they’ve ventured into some food experimentation holding food festivals from various ethnic origins like German Food Festival, Australian Food Festival etc. 

The Australian Food Festival was one of its kind. It was held at the pool side of the hotel with an open area where chefs were preparing live food for the guests, so you could get your steak/meat done just the way you like it: rare, medium, well-done etc.   

It was a different kind of experience since I had never tasted Australian food before. The bread bar was very fancy with different kinds of breads in variety of shapes. What was unfathomable though was that there was no cheese bar accompanying it.

The food had a very distinct taste. Salmon had a nice peppery touch to it and was quite a hit (got all gobbled up before I could help myself to the second round of servings). There were lobsters and mussels and clams, beef gravies and roast lamb etc. The starter’s platter with onion rings and chicken quiche were delectable. But the dessert bar was the most raved about that evening. Mousse, puddings, flans, walnut cakes, chocolate pastries everything was just too good. 

It was a great fooding experience with conversations flowing around food, culture, travel etc. Also got a chance to interact with the First Secretary (Economic-Public Diplomacy) from the Australian High Commission, Nicole Guihot, who had been around Pakistan. She recounted a bunch of stories of her travel experiences there. She got delighted when I told her about my exchange year in the United States and how my stay with a Jewish host family had been so rewarding in many ways.

Networking and food were the highlights of the evening, not to forget that I interacted with the head chef Jesse, who was kind enough to walk me through their offerings. He also took feedback very pleasantly and assured that he’ll work around it. Looking forward to experiencing many other cultures at Avari Towers, Karachi.