Friday, 24 June 2016

A mighty Iftar plus dinner made by Tejani sisters for the family through Made Easy recipes

Hello readers! So I haven’t blogged about anything in a longgggg time (on my personal blog of course). Those 7 Minutes is on, just the way it should! :D Okay, so here is an experience I really wanted to share with you all. I have never been into cooking, not so much on the sugghhar side you know? So I’ve always been fond of ready to cook packets, noodles and mac n cheese type snacks.

It so happens that a friend introduced me to this recipe portal Made Easy by National Foods. It is a website plus an Android and iOS app which has a selection of fusion recipes. After me and Seema (my sister and partner in crime) browsed through the portal, we found some interesting easy recipes that we could make together.

We decided to dedicate an entire Sunday to make iftar (mommy needs a break too, you know). Shortlisted Peri Bites, Pizza Paratha, and Mint lemonade for the iftar. Here’s how it unfolded:

Peri Bites:

The recipe of peri bites was the easiest. All we needed was National’s Achaar Gosht masala, some big green chilies, chicken (cut in julienne) and cheddar cheese.

Chicken was fried in a tablespoon of oil in a pan. Added achaar gosht masala and let it cook for a few minutes then kept it aside.

Slit open and deseeded green chilles and then stuffed a chicken piece and some grated cheese inside. Closed the slit.

To coat and fry, we needed breadcrumbs and a viscous flour paste (flour and some water). Dipped chilies in the paste, coated with bread crumbs and left in the freezer to settle for about 20 minutes. After that, tried to cover the entire chilies properly with the coat and deep fried until golden brown.

It turned out amazing. Almost as good as Nandos’ peri bites.

Pizza Paratha:

This recipe would have been the easiest had we decided to use some ready-made parathas from Dawn or Menu etc. But since we seldom go to the kitchen, this one decided to make parathas herself too. Here’s how it happened:


Chicken – ¼ kg marinated with National Tikka Boti masala, ginger garlic paste, lemon juice for half an hour. Then cooked in a couple of tablespoons of Canola oil. Capsicum and Onions cut in thin slices added. Topping ready.

Kneaded 3 cups of white flour (maida) with 1 teaspoon salt, half cup milk, 3 tablespoon oil and some water to create a dough. Used a rolling pin to create big rounded parathas (shape matters lol). Fried the parathas in non-stick pan.

Final Product:

While frying the second side sprinkled some grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Added chicken topping and then created another layer of cheese to let it stick. Folded the paratha and ta-da! It was exactly what we wanted.

Had it with chilli garlic sauce and everybody in the house became a fan.

Bombay Biryani

We had to add something desi and a proper main course meal because people need food. Bomaby Biryani was the ultimate choice.

To make that we needed Mutton (1/2 kg), onions and tomatoes, green chilies, ginger-garlic paste, potatoes (cut in big cubes), rice (1/2 kg boiled), yellow food coloring, yogurt and National’s Bombay Biryani masala.


To make this, we heated oil in the skillet and fried onions in that. Then added mutton, ginger-garlic paste, Bombay Biryani masala and a glass of water. Let it cook for half an hour after covering it. Added tomatoes, yogurt and potatoes and let it cook for like 20 minutes. Then stirred in boiled rice and green chilies. Sprinkled food color on top and let it simmer on low flame for a while. Served it hot with raita.

Mint Lemonade

Now we tweaked this recipe a bit (because not such a garlic fan :p). Added sugar syrup (made with grounded sugar and water), mint leaves, National’s Fruitily (lemon flavor) and some tamarind (imli) paste to the blender. Added ice cubes and blended all of it to produce one refreshing drink.
It got all praises.

All of this experimentation was a delightful experience. Glad that cooking has made easy by the recipes on the portal. Safe to say that WE CAN COOK (even if it is every once in a while). :D