Monday, 7 March 2016

Inkompass offers the #BestInternshipEver

When we think about internships, we land at the idea that a university student will be going to a nice corporate setting, socializing with people around, do data entry and operational work etc. But some organizations make the experience of their interns better than the one of their employees, and focus not just on partying but also actually developing on-job skills by giving maximum exposure to their interns.
Inkompass has announced its internship program which will commence on the 11th July, 2016 and will go on till 26th August, 2016. The program is for the second year university students from any discipline or field of study. Inkompass is an equal opportunity provider and the best part is that anyone can be a part of the program as long as the student is in the second year of study at an HEC recognized university.

A few features of the program:

1) The program is 6 weeks long.
2) It is divided into 2 cycles. Interns get hired in the first phase when they’re in their 2nd year. Later in the 3rd year, an extension of the internship program is announced and the same students intern.
3) At the end of both cycles, students who perform great have an employment contract at hand. This means a job at a Multinational before you graduate.
4) It is a global program which guarantees exposure and a self-discovery.
5) The environment and the stipend are amazing. With such a good stipend, students always feel motivated and like a full-time employee, responsible for things. Intrinsic motivation gets real.
6) The students selected, work directly under the directors at PMI. This gives them a great deal of exposure learning from top executives and brushes their skills immensely.
7) The internship revolves around meeting deadlines, has rotation within departments and expects students to work on big company projects. The learning thus multiplies manifold.

All in all, it is the best Internship experience ever. We need more of such programs to foster skill building and development among students. With practical learning and being a part of a corporate, professional organizational set up like this, students are sure to come out as refined individuals when they graduate.

The good news is that there’s still time left for applying for the program. Click here to apply. Details and important dates of the program can be found here.

Also if you’re not eligible for this program but want to be a part of PMI, you can apply for their Graduate Trainee Program. Good luck!