Thursday, 25 February 2016

Is Cadbury Dairymilk Marvellous Creations giving a different Chocolate Experience?

Don’t start drooling already! Read on. 

So you’ve had chocolate with mint, with nuts, raisins and hazelnuts, with honey and caramel, with grated orange peels, and with many other combos and add-ons. But have you ever tried it with jelly and candy popping sensations with the most heavenly piece slowly melting in your mouth? No? Here are all the reasons why you should try the new Cadbury Dairymilk Marvellous Creations:
  • You’re bored with the traditional milk and dark and coconut filled chocolate etc. Even if you aren’t, who doesn’t like a new addiction, or a new ‘oh I’ve tried that also’ to the list.
  • You like bubble candies popping in your mouth. This also means as a kid, you were addicted to bubble popper, and bubble wrap.
  • You like chewing on sweet, flavored jellies combined with chocolate. The flavors might just give the tangy sensation with a choclate-y touch.
  • It comes in a very nice attractive, colorful packaging. Purple with other fun colors is so the enticing factor. Admit it, you also loved the billboards.
  • The after taste and the feeling aftermath is obviously very different and opens up your eyes, the moment you put that distorted, crooked triangular piece in your mouth.

Don’t know about the older lot, but kids are surely loving this new variant (for all the reasons above). The brand was a super hit in Australia for quite some time before Mondelez decided to launch it in Pakistan. It is believed that the brand is highly popular with kids for the fun element attached to the chocolate bar, instead of the traditional let-me-melt-in-your-mouth type of chocolate. 

Let’s just hope that Cadbury Dairymilk introduces other new flavors, because well, people get bored very fast. Also let’s hope that Masala TV chefs invent some good recipes out of this new variant in the next few days (it is bound to happen soon enough anyway)! :D  

Anyhow, happy chocolate season. Yeah baby, it is still February! :D