Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Highlights of my Experience at #KarachiEat2017

This is Karachi Food Diary and if I don't put one update on #KarachiEat2017 that would be unfair, so here it goes.

These are a must have at the festival and the highlights of my food experience here:

1. Pav Bhaji and the Bun Kababs at the National Stall. Priced at PKR 100 each, the dishes were a good value for money and tasted pretty good. The bun kababs had a moderate qeema filling, served with green chutney it tantalized my taste buds. Pav Bhaji was just too good. For a hardcore wanna-be vegetarian, this was an ultimate delight. #NationalAtKEF

2. The Butter Puff crackers made with different meat combinations were so light on the pocket (for Rs. 30 each). But the other offerings at the #PeekFreansCafe are getting more and might I say the rightly deserved attention. The Chocolate S'more (for Rs. 50) with layers of chocolate chips and dark chocolate and the ice cream sandwich made with Chocolicious cookies were badass,not to forget the Panna Cotta (PKR 50) made with Marie.

3. The Batair and Prawn Tempura at GR Premium Catering were a cherry on top. For an above average serving size and the taste of the dishes, a PKR 300 seemed justified. Being a crazy seafood lover, the prawn tempura made my tummy yearn for more. #GRcateringAtKEF


4. The Churros at the Wall's Cafe were such a good fresher. Even though it was freezing but ice cream is a must have so ordered the ones with chocolate. The Churros were sweet enough but slightly less chewy. Really liked the addition of Oreo and chocolate chip as toppings.

5. Jaan Leva Dahi Papri was a big hit. I liked the taste a lot, but the dish had more yogurt than tamarind according to me and thus lacked the desired level of tangy flavor as per my liking. It was slightly on the higher side too, Rs. 150 for literally 5 bites. They should perhaps consider increasing the quantity.

6. The burger at Jucy Lucy was pretty decent. A friend told me that they had a layer of cheese within the patty and I knew I had to give it a try. It was a little raw on the inside, perhaps because of the cheese, but the fusion of flavors was pretty good.

7. Last but not least, the Cordon Bleu at the Meat One stall was to die for. Such a balanced taste and the meat was cooked to perfection. The after taste was great too. Other items that are worth trying from this stall: Chapli Kababs, Medallion Steak. #MeatOneatKEF

All in all, it was a fooding spree that I went on and it was totally worth it. A great experience it was. Me, Seema Tejani and Amber Zulfiqar also made a #SimplyYum video and revived our little food show. Here: