Sunday, 29 January 2017

Give your metabolism a boost by kickstarting your day with Coffee

“I need a man who’d serve me chai in bed every morning I wake up” – the biggest wish I’ve had so far.

While tea makes a good start to my day every morning, coffee makes a great companion for my evenings and weekends when I’m in bed reading ‘Little Women’ or ‘Forty Rules of Love’ for the 100th time.

The chai vs. coffee debate has been so old now. Everybody has their opinions and preferences, and reasons for their choices and I will not dig into the debate but I feel it is my duty to educate my audience. Read the next few sentences, and you'll be surprised. :)

Contrary to the popular belief, I’ve recently discovered, that coffee provides a lot of health benefits especially black coffee (or Americano, if you’re fancy). What took me by surprise was the one thing that matters the most, the fact that coffee provides a good metabolism throughout the day. Through my research, I found out that coffee and black coffee in particular helps burn a lot of fat. Although according to some people, once your body becomes caffeine tolerant it stops providing this benefit, but studies show empirical evidence that coffee helps consume less, hence contributing to the overall fitness of a person.

Now that I believe works as a catalyst to fuel many other benefits that coffee provides. Moderate consumption of coffee helps control diabetes, works as a shield against stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, protects against growth of cancer cells, and contributes as an agent in anti-ageing characteristics.

I know quite a few millennials who don’t drink tea. So if you are not too habitual of consuming tea every morning and look at something else that could help you kickstart your day, you might want to make coffee a part of your morning routine. All the above facts, good enough reasons, no? :D

Here's to another cup! Cheers! :D

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