Friday, 27 January 2017

Meaty Treats for the Meat Lovers at Karachi Eat Festival

The weekend that just passed was a foodie affair. Almost everyone I knew flocked to Frere Hall for a flavor of something desi, something tangy, something sweet, some innovative food concepts etc. But as Pakistanis we tend to be a nation that hogs on meat wherever we see it, thus it came as no surprise when I saw many people performing literal tawaaf around the Meat One stall (don’t mind the religious jokes, have a good sense of humor please? :p). Also saw many people around the Chapli Kabab and the Jucy Lucy corners.

So I decided to give some of the meaty delights from the Meat One stall a try. These were some of their offerings:

Chicken Samosas – 3 for Rs. 100
Chapli Kabab – 2 for Rs. 100
Chicken Cordon Bleu – For Rs. 300
Medallion Steak – 2 small pieces – For Rs. 300

I tried the Chicken Cordon Bleu and it truly was a hit in the right places. Filled with a cheesy sauce topping and a crispy texture with mild spices it was a really good treat form me. I am not a big chicken fan, but the Cordon Bleu surely had a distinctive taste to my liking. Also complimenting on the side, mashed potatoes, made it a good combo.

The Petite Beef Medallion Steak was medium to well done and didn’t have a hard chewy feel to it. I was able to easily cut through it even with my plastic cutlery. Flavors were also balanced.

When inquired, I found out that recipes were the owner’s mom’s, which gave the items the desired taste. The price for each (Rs. 300) was also fair as per the serving size. They got a pretty decent response. Perhaps Meat One should open up a little restaurant of its own. Something to think about, no? :)