Friday, 2 June 2017

How to Choose the Best Bra as per your Mood and Personality

Many women understand lingerie as a piece of adornment but fail to comprehend that each bra shape and design is engineering in its own. The various kinds of bras available in the market speak volumes about how and when each should be used. It depends of on your physique but many bras accentuate or enhance shape and uplift moods. Here’s a little guide to how, when, and what bra kind and shape you should opt for:

Wired and Padded Bras

These bras have an excellent shape that reinforces the idea of full control, gives ideal coverage to the body. The making of these, morph the curves in the right places giving you the desired shape.

Full Control Bras

Made with care for extra heavy busts, the full control bra ensures flawless fitting for regular use. Available in bigger cups, these provide maximum support that heavier busts require. If you smaller breasts, these are something you should never look at.

Unlined Lace Bras

Unlined lace bras are easier to carry and are made to ace the bedroom game. Available in vibrant colors usually, these exotic bras are sure to leave a lasting, irreplaceable impact.

Push-up Bras

Women with small boobs need to realize the magic these bras do. Coming with thick padding in the inner sides, these bras give the uplifting effect to busts, creating the perfect cleavage. Use them when seduction is on your mind.

Strapless Bras

These bras do just the trick to pull of sleeveless tees, sundresses and tank tops. Deep and wide necked dresses also go very well with these bras and any stunning look can be pulled off wearing these. They don’t do a very good job with heavy busts though, so you may want to reconsider your pick when you choose these.

I remember though that most of these options weren’t always readily available here in Pakistan. Luckily, a few new brands and outlets have emerged in the market where you can shop for a wide variety of sexy, premium, sensual lingerie like BLS, Amante and Secret. If you’re fortunate, you may find some decent stuff off the Triumph collections too. Just know what you’re shopping for, before you dig in, so you #FeelGoodWithin.