Friday, 2 June 2017

Products I Swear By for a Perfect Look

I am no makeup artist, but sometimes when I have to fix my very own face, the creative me takes the driving seat, fastens seat belt and embarks on the journey of experimentation (with renowned brands of course, I still love my skin). So after a lot of trial and error and advices from MUA’s in the friend’s circle, I have narrowed down some products anyone can perfect a flawless look with. And the best part is, they’re not even that heavy on the pocket. So go on read this, and you can thank me later.

Vaseline Cocoa Glow Moisturizer

Every look of perfection begins with a deep moisturizing cream or lotion. My pick is Vaseline’s cocoa butter moisturizer which nourishes my skin from within. After deep cleaning my skin with a good face wash, I apply a thin layer of moisturizer (in summers) and a thick layer, usually twice in winters as I have a dry area, particularly the t-zone.

Kryolan Orange Corrector

Can’t emphasize enough on how this product is a lifesaver if you have dark circles and bags under your eyes. For people like me, who are constantly on the go, and seldom get enough sleep resulting in dark circles around the eyes every now and then, this product works like magic. It conceals the greyish areas of the face, and evens out the entire surface area of the facial skin. All I do is apply a thin layer of Kryolan Orange Corrector directly to my upper and lower eye lids, and gently dab foundation over it. I use Kryolan’s TV Paint Stick only, in Ivory to create the matte finish I need.

Luscious Studio Secret Concealer

This has been my concealer ever since I started doing proper makeup. The brush pen of this concealer makes its application super easy and covers blemishes, dark spots, and other flaws within seconds. For my skin tone, I usually get shade 1.5 or 2, and it works wonders.

Revlon Color Stay Translucent Powder

A layer of this and I ensure my makeup stays, although it doesn’t really fade out that easily. But because I use certain products to even out my skin color, I use this to let it all set and get absorbed into my skin. I let it sit on my face for a few minutes and then proceed to final touch ups.

Sweet Touch Twin Cake

For a final layer of coverage, I use Sweet Touch’s Twin Cake, usually for my everyday look. It slides across my skin easily with a sponge or a brush and stays for hours, unless I decide to wash it off. I let it swing across sensitive areas, especially beneath my eyes and it gives a very good radiant coverage to my skin.

After achieving a spotless skin, I focus a little on my eye and lip makeover. I don’t use a lot of makeup, just a simple layer of winged eyeliner and mascara complimented by a bold lip color, usually in the tones of red and bright pinks. And within minutes, I achieve a great flawless look.

Hope this article helped. Also please tell me what are some of the products you swear by (if other than these), and I'll give them a try! :)