Tuesday, 30 July 2013

There's no shortcut to success or you are a moron, if you think so!

Because of the distance that scientists had to travel from point A to point B, one fine day, they described the shortest distance from and to, to the respective points. And *bam*; there came the displacement. Now before you start thinking that I am a geek who gets curious over apples falling on my head from the tree, I would like to make a few points. This was in a totally distinct yet significant frame of reference which was not connected to science through any magnetic or electric force of attraction. The nucleus of the initiation of this discussion was the fact that people believe there are shortcuts to success, which in all ways is a philosophical debate (not that I haven’t emphasized on that earlier :p). So when asked how I feel about the phenomenon, this is the logical argument that I came up with.

Another logical point of discussion here is the existence of elevators in the buildings and staircases. And after pondering over the argument further, I asked people why they take elevators when stairs are there. All answers had two words ‘faster’ and ‘easier’ (though some obese fat ass morons responded with ‘free exercise equipment’, missing the crux of the conversation). Nonetheless, it was obvious that shortcuts exist and they give you the same end results as the longer ways. And even in that case some attention seeking conventional goofs responded with ‘But hard work always pays off’!

Other supporting clauses: the advent and exponential growth of the fast food industry, updated softwares and processors, replacement of buttons with zips :p etc. etc.

Anyhow, concluding the discussion with one argument: Time is money. And money if invested well gives great returns. Shortcuts might be risky, but they may give magnanimous results within no time following simple rule of risk and return. And I believe the world revolves around smart individuals who know how to optimize resources (of which time is the most essential indubitably) and get spectacularly prolific results out of them.

One piece of advice: Be smart. Work under pressure. Discover yourself. Be successful!