Monday, 15 July 2013

Le Coolness-Jet Ski found its way to Karachi

Karachi has its own way of attracting its residents. Whenever the city is running out of entertainment stuff someone volunteers to step up and calls ‘Challenge Accepted’ (Barney Stinson style) and bestows the city with some great entertainment. After the restaurants and amusement parks came the cinemas, followed by cafes and now the city is exploiting its shore and the boon of water to provide exciting stuff to people.

These kinds of activities are especially becoming popular in the urban dwellings of the city. The Defense Housing Authority Phase 8 with its line of alluring restaurants located near the Do Darya side has built the reputation of generating great business. Savor, an eatery located in Phase 8, a little aloof from the rest of the chain started offering boating and other water sports like Banana Boating, Para Sailing, Water skiing etc. in the Gizri Lake and the Bundle Island. After the tremendous triumph of the introduction of these, the managers saw Jet Skiing as a lucrative opportunity and decided to introduce the sport for water lovers. Savor thus took away the title of being the pioneer in introducing Jet Skiing in Karachi. Madeen Kalia, the owner of Jet Ski Karachi, explained how this was an untapped market and how he sees its demand growing exponentially in the next few months.

I happened to be the first one to try out the sport in Karachi a couple of days ago and I’m still at a dearth of words to describe the feeling; a feeling so mesmerizing that I got transferred to a totally different world. As much as I am scared of water and keep my distance from it, when I first heard about it coming to Karachi, a force so irresistible compelled me to go for it. The moment I stepped my foot into the motor and took off was the moment I felt I was floating over water. The experience connected me to nature so brilliantly that I couldn’t come out of the euphoric state for quite some time.

As much as I would like to keep talking about the experience, I believe now comes the time to answer some technical questions. The place has Five Yamaha Jet Skis ranging from 700cc to 800cc ones and can go at 60 to 70 km/hour in terms of speed. The managers understand that safety feature is the most important concern for all and thus have the hand cuffs type keys and life jackets at their disposal for the riders. The boats have the capacity of 2 to 3 people at a time depending on their weights and have experts to ride and even rescue people through a life motor boat available at all times.

‘The best time for jet skiing is when the waves are at high tides’, said the manager Mr. Ismail, who had been the National Champion for Wind Surfing for the past 12 years.

With all questions answered, I opine that Jet Skiing can prove to be a very different experience for you, if you are a fun-loving adventurous person and are on the lookout for some different leisure activities within the city. For more details and further queries, you can visit the Facebook page of Jet Ski Karachi, the link of which is Happy exploring! :)