Monday, 29 July 2013

Creative Chaos: Where Work and Fun Converge

Promoting good organizational cultures is not only a responsibility of organizations but also becomes inevitable when employee satisfaction and motivation come in play. Luckily a few contemporary evolving companies like Creative Chaos (my employer fortunately :D and I’m not sugar coating) understand the importance of employee interaction and thus arrange leisure activities for increasing socializing opportunities for its employees. After the great triumph of the movie night at Atrium to watch ‘Now You See Me’, Club Chaos decided to organize an iftar + dinner hang out scene for its employees.

Arena Club and Resort because of its entertainment area and Rangoli was chosen as the venue being a one-stop shop. Bowling had never been more fun in the past. With teams of two and individual players, the bowling area at Arena was looking like a fish market (only in the crowded sense). Those who aren’t big fans of playing, sat back cheering for their colleagues.

The iftar + dinner buffet had over 20 dishes. The iftar began with serving Rooh Afza and tea at each table and the fried items consisted of samosay, rolls and pakoray in addition to chana chaat, fruit chaat and dahi barey.  After a few moments the dinner was served which had everything from fried rice and gravies to Pakistani and Continental food including handi, biryani, chapli kabab, fried fish and prawns etc. Even the dessert bar had ice cream, trifles and puddings.

The event was very well planned with the van service at discretion and it ended even better than our expectations. A lot of memorable photos were clicked and long lasting connections made. Thanks Team Creative Chaos and the management for the best professional hang out ever.