Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Closeup #ConfidenceKaGame ‘Actor in Law’ Promotions

It so happened that Closeup chose a handful of KOL’s and bloggers to experience their #ConfidenceKaGame promotions naturally with the movie Actor in Law owing to Fahad Mustafa’s stellar performance throughout the movie. 

Me and Seema Tejani, who most of you know is my sister and partner (in Those 7 Minutes) took a luxurious Careem ride to Atrium Cinemas to watch Actor in Law, sponsored by Closeup Pakistan. Needless to say that the experience was all quite comfortable and the movie was a great, fun, one-time watch.

The PR agency of the brand not only made all arrangements but exchanged my tickets C3 and 4C with 15A and 15B. I had told them that I got seats in two different rows lol (I was reading ticket seat numbers like plane seat numbers, haha).

Anyhow, seats were better and the experience was comfy, not to forget the fits of laughter we had while watching the movie. I have to say that Fahad Mustafa’s acting has improved manifold. Earlier this year only, he gave a solid performance in Mah-e-Mir, acting out the character so well and now in Actor in Law, he gave his best yet again. Mehwish Hayat’s acting was also above average and I saw improvements from her last film performance in Jawani Phhir Nahi Aani. Of course Om Puri and Alyy Khan played their parts to perfection, and cameo appearances by Talat Hussain, Khaled Anum, and Nayyar Ejaz added concrete appeal.
All in all, it was a good effort and a Sunday well spent. Thank you Closeup Pakistan for the experience.