Sunday, 2 October 2011

You are the WORST thing that ever happened to me

Why is she always around? Why does she make things worse? She is that inevitable reality of our life that we can’t flush out so easily. Every time something goes wrong I end up cursing her. She is the one behind all our miseries and woes. I can’t believe how frustrating one can make another’s life like that. It’s like she is a bad omen. She brings this bad luck charm to us. Why is it that always in her presence things turn out so extraordinary in the evil sort of way. I cannot stand her existence. I cannot just explain how much I detest her. The level of abhorrence that I’ve developed for her in the past few years is so verbose yet impossible to explain. I can’t believe how someone can be that evil. How someone can be such a wonderful pretender. Her ability to twist the facts is amazing. So extraordinary that I get a feeling at some instances that maybe she has been blessed with this supernatural power of being so bloody evil yet appear as the most saccharine-ish creature alive. She is that bitch that I despise. She brings this bad karma which expresses itself so often. But as soon as she leaves I feel as if I’ve migrated from hot scorching sunny days to cool breezy nights. I have hated her, I still do and I will loathe her till the last breadth that I take.