Monday, 20 February 2017

#Sparkistan showed that anything is possible if you have the conviction and the SPARK

Some of us are born knowing what we want to do, some of us learn later what we are meant to do. But to achieve what we really want to, we have to put in such struggles. Ask the person who’s about to sit in an exam, or the one who’s an inch away from securing that promotion. Even though most of us try to work our ass off to get what we want, we sometimes go astray. It is in those times when we need stories. Stories of people with conviction, the will to finish what they started. I found my latest dose of inspiration from the heroes around us highlighted by Atlas Battery in their latest campaign Sparkistan.

Sparkistan is a movement featuring stories of doctors, activists and record breakers who made impossible, possible. The name comes from the idea that people who have what it takes give this nation and its people the ‘spark’ needed to survive challenges of life.

The campaign has so far featured and brought to limelight, the stories of the following:

Dr Naeem Taj, a Guinness World Record holder of removing the largest gall bladder from a human body. Dr. Naeem Taj wanted to be a vocalist but his father pushed him to become a surgeon and made him believe in himself. It is due to that faith that he became a sensation.

Mohammad Ali who got motivated by a bunch of alarming societal issues like cases of missing children and abuse etc. created Roshni Helpline which caters to the problem. Through his initiative hundreds of missing children have found way back to their homes. He has also managed to pull transgenders to support the cause too.

Samar Khan, a young Pakistani daring lady who is the first woman to cycle her way up Biafco Glacier wanted to do the unconventional. Despite being a Pakistani girl, Samar was unstoppable. She wanted to be unconventional and prove that women can do things as great as men, maybe even better. With conviction, she proved herself. Oh and she has it all sorted.

What is great is that these are common people, people like us. Whenever I look at such achievements of people, I tell myself ‘when they can do it, why can’t I?’ and that basically keeps me going.

I am glad to be a part of this country where people are literally crazy, crazy to follow their dreams and keep their spark alive, making Pakistan, ‘Sparkistan’. It is true: a home is known by the people that dwell there.