Thursday, 5 September 2013

Remembering those who remembered us!

They remembered us on the forefront, on the border at war, in the trenches, when they were facing a bullet, before their families, before their ambitions, their sweethearts, their kids, and most of all themselves. The breath we take at the moment is a blessing of these brave men who fought gallantly at the war front, to bestow us with the gift of independence again. Yes they saved the country for us, kept the mission of Jinnah alive. The only thing we can do now is remember them for a day, keeping aside our work for once. Even for just a moment; by celebrating Independence again perhaps.

Let’s not get into the debate of what they deserve because nothing is even closely worth a life. A few things that we can do for our national heroes can be:
  • Read about their lives and about how gallantly they fought
  • Read about Nishan-e-Haider and who it is awarded to. Why it is the highest degree military award
  •  Defend Pakistan in our own way, doing as little as we can to defend its cultural, national and historical identity in the global arena
  • Be a responsible citizen

And most of all that we can do is to understand and realize our responsibilities and later translating them into responsible actions. We should realize that even today thousands of gallant men, who put us before their family and friends, are fighting to protect us. Doing as little as just respecting the military (army, navy, airforce, rangers, etc) would be a tribute itself for our fallen heroes. Let’s not take independence and our breaths for granted and keep Pakistan’s existence alive on the globe. Let’s be Pakistanis again.

A tribute to all our national heroes!