Wednesday, 23 May 2012

“Delve” into the World of “Just Perfect” Desserts

Talking about excellence in the Food industry? “Shaan Foods” has now stepped into its range of classy desserts. Having its initial expertise in the food industry particularly in the spices and seasoning, it decided to carry this legacy forward and launch a new sub brand named “Delve”, a category of mouthwatering, rich and creamy desserts including custards, jellies and puddings. The brand was launched in September 2011 and has witnessed a phenomenal penetration rate since then.

Variety is the spice of a business in contemporary times. Perhaps Shaan Foods wanted to position itself as a “Complete food solution” company. Its market offerings include spices, seasoning, salt, pickles, oriental recipes, chutneys and now desserts after “Delve”. Even though Delve doesn’t carry the brand name of Shaan, it enjoys a favorable reputation in the market. It is giving a tough competition, not just to National and Laziza, but also Rafhan, the leader in the desserts industry. This will soon transform it into a market challenger.

The variety of flavors that it is currently offering in custards is Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango and Banana. Flavors in jellies consist of Strawberry, Banana, Mango and Orange. Consumers are hoping to see new flavors being introduced in a couple of quarters and newer categories of desserts to be launched under the brand name.

Treat yourself with the royalty of this novice brand. It blends perfectly with the taste preferences of the people for the last course of a mighty 5 course meal and is completely in alignment with the tagline of the company “Just Perfect”! :)