Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I made a difference

Did you give way to an ambulance while driving in a traffic jam?

Did you put the wrapper of your eatables in your bag and threw them in the trash can after reaching home?

Did you ever forgive and not argue back with anyone for the sake of peace?

Did you ever keep the tap off while shampooing or brushing teeth?

Did you ever leave your room after turning the lights, fans and ACs off?

Did you ever think of your maids and servants as being equal to you? Did you give them their due respect?

Did you ever think twice about people who are starving to death before spending thousands of rupees on a hang out or eating at your favorite restaurant?

Did you ever think for a second during your seeming-to-be-busy schedules of those who not far from your own lands are being massacred to death by terrorists?

Did you think how many people are shivering across your borders while purchasing that expensive outfit of your favorite brand?

Did you? I did. I did not expect the desired outcome before putting in my own efforts. And I take pride in announcing that. I act responsibly and try correcting myself before I whine about the cruelties and unfair treatments around me. And the sole reason why I don’t hesitate when I demand my rights is because I do not have any guilt in doing that. I do make terrible mistakes but I try making a difference in people’s lives. Life is not just about luxuries and getting what one wants from it. At one point one has to grow up and start thinking beyond oneself. For every penny that we spend and every bounty that we enjoy we have to be accountable to God. Make wise decisions before taking any step because all our current mistakes will have a multiplier effect on our future generations.